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About us

Holy Barks Pet Resort & Daycare was founded by entrepreneurs and avid dog lovers Dawn and Gary Wortham.  Both of whom are life-long pet owners that feel all pets are a vital part of our families and deserve the absolute best care.  Pets give us so much unconditional love and satisfaction and deserve to be pampered and loved in return.  God sent these precious creatures to be our companions as well as our friends.  

As we have a love for travel, we have sometimes struggled to find the perfect place to board our dogs Drake and Sadie.  We have always left them with our local veterinarian clinic, but have longed for a place that was less intimidating and offered more comfort and one-on-one attention.  We have talked to so many friends and neighbors that have experienced the same inconvenience.  We realize there is a great need in our community for a boarding facility that provides the security and comfort of home and would offer peace of mind to pet owners.  With this realization, the dream of Holy Barks Pet Resort has become reality.  Our facility will give pet parents the peace of mind we have longed for.  We focus on premium care to help give pets the happiest, longest life possible.  Holy Barks offers resort-style pet day care, overnight boarding that feels like home, professional pet grooming by appointment, pet taxi service, drop-in home visits as well as activities for pets and their parents.  

Our suites have raised cots for more comfort, natural light, ambient music and lighting at night, flat screen tv's and secured stainless steel food and water bowls.  We clean and sanitize each suite every time your pet goes outside to ensure the safest environment.  We use only the safest products to ensure the health of your pets. Our team members are constantly checking on pets or taking them outside for playtime.  Your pets will be  cuddled and loved throughout the day. 

We provide a pet taxi for those in the community that have the need for help getting pets to and from daycare, boarding or even vet or grooming appointments.  

We also offer drop-in home visits for those pets that thrive better at home or their parents prefer only short visits to walk, feed and take their pets out to play and potty. 


Holy Barks Pet Resort & Daycare: Guaranteeing the Highest Quality Care for Your Furry Family Member

At Holy Barks Pet Resort & Daycare, LLC, we understand how important it is to provide your furry friends with the best care and attention. Our facility is a safe, comfortable and fun place for your pets to enjoy while you are away. We offer a variety of services, from overnight pet boarding to daycare and grooming. Our team of pet care professionals is dedicated to giving your pets the attention and love they need. We guarantee that your pet will have a great experience with us.


To provide exceptional care and love that will enhance the quality of life for pets and provide outstanding customer service all while sharing God's love in a fulfilling work environment. 


To transform pet care and become the trusted leader in our community by building a company that is as unique and special as the experience we create for our guests and customers.



     We are passionate about pets, our customers and our team members.  We have a heartfelt desire to show God's love by caring for our customer's needs and their furry family members.


     We strive to develop new ideas that improve our services, company as well as ourselves and what we can offer to our community.  


     We believe in supporting and enriching our community.  We offer a safe, clean and loving environment for pets, our customers and our team members.

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